The One Act Factor

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The One Act Factor is a brand new competition style one-act play festival held this year in March at The Secret Theatre. Each week actors, playwrights, and directors band together and compete to win cash prizes in Best Play, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress in a showdown similar to the popular talent shows we've all seen on TV. As the weeks go by, teams advance to the final rounds through audience votes.  Awards are also determined by celebrity judges who will give encouragement and advice to all the contestants. This new form of one act festival is sure to be fun for all involved: actors, directors, playwrights and audience members alike.
The One Act Factor play schedule will run as follows:

Series A- Performs Thursday, 3/15 & Friday, 3/23
After You by Libba Beaucham
Misfortune by Mark Harvey Levine
Odd Ducks by Neil Haven
Leave it to Beaver- Unplugged by Kurt Sass
(They Kiss) by Duncan Pflaster
Drawing the Line by V.E. Kimberlin
Meet-Cute by Aishwarya Jha Mathur
You Broke Up With Leia? by Lincoln L. Hayes

Series B- Performs Friday, 3/16 & Saturday, 3/24
Day Job by Julia Blauvelt
Swim, Zombie, Swim by Randy Gross
Jars by Brittany Taylor
Late Reunion by Aaron M. Leventman
Bestseller by Dan Stowell & Michael Zannettis
Meeting by Salvatore Brienik
Sit and Spin in the Krazy Kar by Johnny Culver
The Stand-In by Brett Hursey

Series C- Performs Saturday, 3/17 & Thursday, 3/22
Counting on Love by Rod McFadden
Cigarette by Chris Purnell
Small World by Jeff Stolzer
Pantomime vs. Antimime by Adair Moran
Cloud 7 by Elisabeth Burdick
Two Women in Moonlight by Lloyd Pace
Wild Boars by Colby Day
Kung-Foolery by Brett Hursey

Semi-finals will be on Thursday, 3/29 and Friday, 3/30.
Finals will be on Saturday, 3/31.

Tickets are $15
All shows start at 8pm