AntiMatter Collective presents


September 28th through October 14th

In 2445, the robots rebelled and were barely defeated: 20 years later, the surviving, radiation-blighted humans live in an aggressively anti-technological society, relegated to lives of wasteland scavenging or service to a military protectorate. Into this wakes C-12, a lone nannybot who must traverse the wastes in search of her purpose in a world without machines.

AntiMatter Collective's thrilling follow-up to DEATH VALLEY, MOTHERBOARD is theater for the Robocalypse.  

Written by Adam Scott Mazer
Directed by Will Fulton

Tickets are $18
Tickets available here

Featuring: Elizabeth Bays, Bryce Henry, Rebecca Hirota, Andrew Krug, Allison LaPlatney, Alexandra Panzer, Casey Robinson, Jonathan Shaw and James Rutherford.

Props: Danielle Baskin
Costumes: Karen Boyer & Bevan Dunbar
Set: Jonathan Collins
Special Effects: Stephanie Cox-Williams
Sound: Colin Fulton
Lighting: Alana Jacoby.
Dramaturgy: Sarah Leonard, James Rutherford, Elliot Quick

The Secret Theatre | 4402 23rd St | Long Island City, NY
E, M, G or 7 train to Courthouse SQ/23rd St.