The Secret Theatre presents
The LIC One Act Play Festival

The LIC One Act Festival is a competition style one-act play festival held at The Secret Theatre. Prizes will be offered in the following categories: Best Play ($100), Best Director ($100), Best Actor ($50), and Best Actress ($50). In addition to cash prizes, those plays in the final round will be offered a chance to be non-exclusively published in The Secret Theatre’s Second Anthology of Short Plays.

Plays advance to the final rounds through secret audience votes. Final voting will be done by a panel of judges. Winners will be announced and awarded on the last night of the festival during the closing night party hosted by The Secret Theatre.

Cycle A
Cowboy Nocturne by Evan Guilford-Blake (DIRECTED BY JOHN CULVER)
To Defend Freedom by Annalisa Dias (DIRECTED BY DENNIS YUEH-YEH LI)
Hypotheticals by Mirielle Smith (DIRECTED BY BRENDAN NAYLOR)
The Body by Chris Rivera (DIRECTED BY CHRIS RIVERA)
The Boy by Aaron Leventman (DIRECTED BY TJ WEAVER)
Going Viral by Brandon M Crose (DIRECTED BY MAX HUNTER)

Cycle B
Fixing Bob by David MacGregor (DIRECTED BY SARAH CHICHESTER)
A Better Tomorrow by Stacy Seever (DIRECTED BY DENNIS YUEH-YEH LI)
The Suitcase by Brigid Amos (DIRECTED BY VICTORIA MOYER)
Moles. Eat Worms. Steve Mielczarek (DIRECTED BY GRAYDON GUND)
Plans by Michael Freeman (DIRECTED BY VIKTORIA KING)
The Big Date by Mark Witteveen (DIRECTED BY GRAYDON GUND)
Shadows by Greg Freier (DIRECTED BY VIKTORIA KING)
Gun Shop by Jeff Stolzer (DIRECTED BY TJ WEAVER)

Cycle C
The Phlebotomist by Charlie Edwin Fisher (DIRECTED BY SARAH CHICHESTER)
Night of the Creeps by Lavinia Roberts (DIRECTED BY ROBERT MUELLER)
Reservations by Jeffrey Fischer-Smith (DIRECTED BY LAUREN MILLER)
Daily Habits Mask Pain by Mildred Inez Lewis (DIRECTED BY VIKTORIA KING)
Plastic Flowers by Deanna Alisa Ableser (DIRECTED BY VIKTORIA KING)
All this Time by Alexis Roblan (DIRECTED BY BRENDAN NAYLOR)
A Matter of Taste by Liz Morgan (DIRECTED BY JARRETT KEY)

—Thursday 16 January 8,00p CYCLE A
—Friday 17 January 8,00p CYCLE B
—Saturday 18 January 2,00p CYCLE B
—Saturday 18 January 8,00p CYCLE C
—Sunday 19 January 2,00p CYCLE C
—Sunday 19 January 8,00p CYCLE A
—Thursday 23 January 8,00p CYCLE C
—Friday 24 January 8,00p CYCLE A
—Saturday 25 January 2,00p CYCLE A
—Saturday 25 January 8,00p CYCLE B
—Sunday 26 January 2,00p CYCLE B
—Sunday 26 January 8,00p CYCLE C
—Thursday 30 January 8,00p Semi-finals
—Friday 31 January 8,00p Semi-finals
—Saturday 1 February 8,00p Final round



The Secret Theatre | 4402 23rd St | Long Island City, NY
E, M, G or 7 train to Courthouse SQ/23rd St.