Secret Children's Theatre

The Secret Theatre is proud to have the best children's theatre in Queens! Come join us every Saturday at 2pm for the most fun a kid (and adult) can have!

Pirate Pete's Parrot

A New Musical by Richard Mazda

every other SATURDAY @ 2pm
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Climb on board and get ready for adventure in Secret Theatre's new children's musical, Pirate Pete's Parrot. In the tradition of the wildly popular English pantomime shows (first produced in the 1700's and still popular today), Pirate Pete's Parrot promises music, mischief, and a boatload of laughs for both children and adults.

The play revolves around Pirate Pete, a lovable rogue on a mission to find his beloved runaway parrot, Polly (who prefers pancakes to boring old birdseed). Upon setting out, Pete decides it can't hurt to pick up some buried treasure as well, to help make the month's rent. Armed with an endearing crew of misfits like Jolly Roger (the insufferably happy second mate) and Miroslav, the Czech mate (get it?), Pete embarks on a journey complete with songs, sword fights, and plenty of audience interaction.

$10 for Children, $15 for Adults
Family ticket package- 4 tix for $40

Princess Particular
A New Children's Musical by Richard Mazda

every other SATURDAY @ 2pm
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What will Princess Particular do today?......

Imagine what it's like to be a princess.... then decide you want to do something different!


Princess Particular is off her rocker, all she can think about is her latest scheme to become a ballerina. Her Mom and Dad, King Loadsadough and Queen Bea, want her to focus on her Princess duties. Luckily, her four maids and the Chancellor and Lady in Waiting are on hand to help make her dream come true!

See this littlest royal fusspot and all her family and friends in this brand new musical. Directed by Terry O'Lear.

Entrance on street, short flight of stairs to theater.
Wheelchair accessible.
2 bathrooms downstairs.
Concessions available.
A/C available.

The Little Secret Theatre
4402 23rd Street
LIC, NY 11101
At Court Square on the E, M, G and 7 train.