The Limit of the Tongue

The Daughters Collective is proud to present the first show of their second New York season, The Limit of the Tongue, a new play by Magdalen Zinky.

The Limit of the Tongue is the story of Margaux and Jaime: cousins, colleagues, and best friends - very best friends. Their tumultuous relationship is complicated and often suspect, not least by Margaux's husband Alex, whom she married when she became pregnant with her daughter Callie. Now Callie is a teenager with her own burgeoning problems - the most pressing of which are her recent bipolar diagnosis and her resulting new caretaker, the Shakespeare-spouting Helene. Further tangling the situation is the fact that Helene also happens to be Margaux's student, brought into the family mix in exchange for Margaux overlooking a recent plagiarism offense. When Margaux discovers that she is again pregnant, it leads to a rift between herself and Jaime, one that may be too big to fix this time. Their emotional maelstrom threatens to undo the family entirely, exposing truths better left unspoken.

The production stars Marchelle Thurman as Margaux, Tyree Young as Jaime, Daniel Kemper as Alex, Rishire Young as Callie, and Katrina Mattson as Helene.

The play is written and directed by Magdalen Zinky, with production design by Magdalen Zinky and Jessica Hart, lighting design by Tony Mulanix, and sound design by Swan Streepy. It is produced by The Daughters Collective.

Tickets are $15 and are now available online by calling 718-392-0722. Tickets may also be purchased in-person at the Box Office, after 5:30 pm Tuesday-Sunday.