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The Hand That Was Dealt (Episode 2)
June 14th-17th, 2018

When Kathy and Isaiah decided to move in together, they thought that it was the beginning to their "happily ever after". Although it was unexpected, she finds out that she is pregnant and plans to tell him at their house warming.

But one week into moving into their Bushwick apartment Kathy received the news that her 17 year old brother Justin got arrested for credit card scamming. Not only does she have to take their savings to bail him out, but her mother is kicking him out and he is forced to live with them.

Thinking that they have enough money in their savings, Isaiah quits his job in order to find his passion. The same day he gets a call from his childhood friend Damian saying that he's coming home from jail and has no where to live.

Episode 2 follows as each character as they play the hand they were dealt.