The New Voices Project

New Voices Project is The Secret Theatre's initiative to aid playwrights in taking their new and developing work from the page to the stage.

More than a simple reading, we seek actionable text through active staging within rehearsal. In this pursuit we are able to expose the portions of text that suffer when presented within the live event. Playwrights are encouraged to address the rough edges by making re-writes throughout the rehearsal process.

Each playwrights receives 3 performances of their script and written audience responses. The playwright then takes those audiences responses and is hopefully prepared to apply whatever knowledge they've gleaned to the text.

The ultimate goal is to come away with a script that is ready to be fully produced.

For more information or to submit your work please contact us at

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The Tragedies

Mavis is a matchmaker. Like all matchmakers, she promises to find your dream date. Unlike other matchmakers, she only works in your dreams.

THE TRAGEDIES is a play about the things we'll do to feel loved. And the things we won't. As they fumble for connection, Mavis and her clients wonder if every story isn't a romance, and if perhaps they're living out a narrative that's a little more...Greek.

The Tragedies by Sarah Bernstein.
Directed by Christopher Diercksen
Stage Managed by Danielle Rodino
Heather Haney
Sarah Kronenberg
Ryan McCarthy
Matt Welsh

Presentation May 30-June 1
Tickets are $10


The Secret Theatre
44-02 23rd St.
Long Island City, NY 11101
E, M, G or 7 train to Courthouse SQ/23rd St.