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The Secret Theatre and RIPT Theater Company Presents:
What Dreams May Come
Performing September 13th - 30th, 2018

Prince Hamlet seeks to revenge his father's murder, but must sacrifice his love, his life and perhaps his very mind to accomplish it.

Four performers embody all of the characters in this innovative new Hamlet: a fast paced, non-stop whirlwind of mind and body as rational thought battles with hysteria. The Secret Theatre teams up with Ript Theater Company on this exciting production.

An Equity-Approved Showcase

RIPT THEATER COMPANY derives its name from the first folio spelling of Ripped - A word defined as "Cut Open" or "Removed by cutting out." These two definitions define us as company. We pursue vulnerable, fast paced, high stakes performances through intensive yet judicious cuts of scripts to fit the modern day as well as a laser focus on the relationships, stakes and emotional lives of our characters. It has devoted to bringing classic tales to vibrant life through innovative productions, new adaptations and performer centric work. We believe in the power of the words of the great classicists, be they Shakespeare, Moliere, Aphra Behn or Euripedes to move us and deepen our understanding of our world and our times.