This horror movie is completely acted by the students of The Secret Theatre Academy's first ever film class. Like all classic horror movies we see the missteps almost immediately as our group of friends discuss the idea of a seance over milkshakes at the diner. One of the friends has borrow a Ouija board and another knows of a disused theatre that they believe to be haunted. The ghosts are also played by very young actors who all range in age from 11 - 13. The script follows a classic 'don't go in there' approach as our hapless group enter a dark and derelict space to hold their neophyte seance. From the moment they break in to the theatre to our sole survivor escape from the vengeful child ghosts.

Showday: Friday, March 16, 2018
Time: 6:30 PM
Format: Digital (screening) - HDV (shooting)
Festival Year: 2018
Category: Short Narrative